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Learn more about our scholarship program targeting the youth in Nigeria

An education initiative aimed at providing scholarships and educational opportunities to those across the diaspora
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As part of our empowerment initiative we are offering scholarships to candidates in the Ogbaruan ares in Nigeria. Follow the link to learn more.
Learn more about the upcoming convention in Maryland and keep up to date with all the happenings prior to that date . Are you ready?

Bob Ossai


Serving as the 4th president of our great organization. Mr Ossai is spearheading several initatives aimed and education, scholarship, and growth.

Ogbaruans comprise of the Olu tribe and are one of the 250 ethnic groups that make up the present day Federal Republic of Nigeria. They form an integral part of larger Igbo tribe. Ogbaruans speak a variant of the Igbo language quite different from central Igbo. Ogbaruans inhabit the geographical area known as Ogbaru, (or variously called and spelled as Ogbahu or Ogbasu, due to phonetics and dialectical differences). However, Ogbaru is now the preferred and modernized form of either Ogbahu or Ogbasu. The localities fall within Anambra and Delta States. Contiguous parts of what was once Ogbaru are now within Rivers and Bayelsa States.

Ogbaru, which translates into “going downstream” or “going down the river” is situated along the east and west banks of the southernmost (lower) part of the great River Niger .The localities run from Odekpe and Oko Ogbele on the north to Olu Ozizo and Ogwu-Ikpelle into the estuaries that now comprise the Niger Delta Basin.